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SC-ST Cell


The SC/ST students grievances redressal cell is constituted in the college to resolve the grievances of SC/ST students. The cell safeguards the highlights and interest of these students and promotes their special interest by giving special interest by giving special inputs in the curriculum.

  1. 1. To ensure equal opportunity and social justice to the SC/ST students.
  2. 2. To help and enhance the students for their academic growth.
  3. 3. To provide equal opportunities in the education field.
  4. 4. To provide the mechanism to redress their grievances.
  5. 5. To wnsure protection and reservations as provided under the Constitution of India.
  6. 6. To arrange special programmes for their career growth.

  1. 1. To function as a grievance Redressal cell for the Grievances Redressal cell for the grievances of SC/ST students of the college and render them necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems.
  2. 2. The Cell or organizes interactive sessions and informal meetings with students to attend their personal, social and academic problems.

The cell conducts formal meeting once in each semester to address about academic and non-academic issues related complaints received from the students in reserved categories..

Committee Members
01 Prof. Vijayalakshmi.K.K. PRINCIPAL Chairman
02 Dr.Preethi.A.Nayak Vice-Principal Member
03 Prof. Vilasini.K Asst. Professor Committee incharge / Member
04 Dr.Indira G.Naik Associate Professor Member
05 Mr.Sanjay Student Convenor Representator for S.C.
06 Miss.Vaishnavi Student Convenor Representor for S.T.